A one-stop shop for total agricultural inputs and services for agricultural development projects of any size, irrespective of land, topography, soil, water and agro-climatic conditions.

Nepal Thopa Sinchai Pvt. Ltd. was established with a campaign of TRUST IN AGRICULTURE through the supply of modern agricultural and smart irrigation services for the farmers and institution working for the technology based modern agriculture. NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI has been working together since last five years to demonstrate and supply economical tools and technologies for commercial agriculture. With the goals; to modify the subsistence based agriculture to commercial through expansion of market led agriculture and irrigation services, to minimize the risk in agriculture and to deliver the farmers friendly modern technologies. NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI is now delivering its services all over the country.

NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI is a pioneering name in the field of complete irrigation package in Nepal. We deliver drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, fogger system, for 10 m2 of small land to hectares of commercial agricultural farm, golf courses, hotel gardens, residence, offices. We also supply solar lifting pump for irrigation and drinking water purpose, solar lighting system, street lighting system.

NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI provides commercial agricultural training package, counseling to the new farmers as well as the feasibility study for commercial agriculture and layout of the firm. Similarly, we have complete packages of agricultural firm establishment including green house, plastic tunnel and net house construction; UV protected plastic, mulching plastic, insect net; hi-tech nursery; nursery tray, irrigation, cocopeat, vermicompost, liquid fertilizer; farm equipment and machinery; staking fiber rope and clip, secateurs, gloves, pesticide protecting gears, gumboots, hand tractor (power tiller), harvesting machine, power spray, battery spray, row maker, reaper and so on. 

NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI is working for supply and fitting of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes in metropolitan, municipalities, industries, under water, mining, water distribution and other agricultural applications and hydro projects with pipes ranging from 3 mm to 1600 mm in diameter and pressure ratings ranging from 1.00 kgf/cm² to 25 kgf/cm² that can be installed on surface, buried, slip lined, trench less, floating and submerged. We are working for the supply of tissue culture plantlets of banana, pomegranate along with support for farm establishment and management.

NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI have established a modern agriculture farm in association with MaHa agriculture Pvt. Ltd. at Jitpur Phedi for feasibility study and demonstration of modern agricultural technologies and equipment, expanding on the area of a hectare.  

NEPAL THOPA SINCHAI’s mission is to support on transformation of subsistence based agricultural system to modern commercial agriculture for food security and income generation through supply of modern agricultural technologies and tools for farmers in Nepal.


  • To increase farmer’s access on eco-friendly, economic and sustainable agricultural technologies and equipment through its import, study and extension.
  • To increase attraction of young generation on multi-productive agriculture for self-employment generation.
  • To support the farmers for transformation of subsistence based agricultural system to commercial business.

Partner organization

We are tie-up with the following internationally reputed organizations. 

Working Team

Nepal Thopa Sinchai is working in a joint team of agriculturist, irrigation system specialist, solar system specialist and technicians. Nepal Thopa Sinchai team consists of a complete human resource to provide agriculture and smart irrigation service for small farmers to large commercial grower and organizations. 


S.N. Name Post Specification
1 Khoj Raj Katuwal Chairmen Irrigation System Expert
2 Paras Katuwal CEO  Business promotion/ 
Irrigation system Specialist
3 Dr. Bishnu P. Chapagain Cheif Technical Advisor Agriculture Expert
4 Keshav Gaire Agriculture officer Agriculture Specialist
5 Prem Hari Jang Katuwal Solar system incharge Solar System
6 Prabesh Katuwal Technician Solar System
7 Sudarshan Bhandari Technician Agriculture/irrigation
8 Tulsi Pandey Technician Agriculture/irrigation
9 Dilip Majhi Technician Agriculture/irrigation
10 Suman Budhathoki Agriculture Engineer Engineering Specialist
11 Ganesh Basyal Accountant Accounting Specialist
12 Dreesti Wasti Agriculure Officer Agriculture Specialist

We undertake all small and large agricultural and irrigation projects on turn-key basis i.e. concept to commissioning which include survey, planning, design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, training, maintenance and agronomic support.