Crop training and pruning tools

Proper management of plant is important to protect crop from disease and pest ultimately to increase final production. Training and pruning of plant is important especially for tomato and cucumber family with vines. We Supply following tools required for maintaining a desired shape and size of plant. 

I. Staking Rope and Clip

Staking rope is fibrous material that can be used as a good alternative of wooden stake for vine crops; tomato, cucumber, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, bottle gourd and all climbing crops.  It is very easy, economic and effective means of staking.  The ropes are attached on base of plant with a clip designed for the purpose and suspended vertically. 

II. Secateurs and Chain Saw

Secateurs are useful tools for removal of unwanted leafs, branches, and suckers especially in vegetable farming. Chain saw is generally used to remove the unwanted, diseased and misshaped branches of trees.