NTS currently has 12.000 sqm of industrial land and a warehouse equipped with the most modern machinery to manufacture greenhouses (automatic tooling, bridge cranes, folding and bending machines, shaping lines for the manufacture of channels and profiles, presses with automatic feeders, hydraulic tables, etc.).

Intended for the manufacture of all the structural elements that make up a greenhouse (channels, arches, pillars, windows, etc.) and the accessories to assemble the screens. All of this designed by our highly qualified Human Capital, for a quick and easy assembly of a greenhouse.
Mainly intended for the manufacture of heating, humidification and irrigation systems, electrical panels and climatic programmers.

High-tech machinery is used in the manufacture of greenhouses produced in NTS and compliance with the strictest quality controls required by the Regulation UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000


Width of Bay: 8 m; 9,60 m; 12,80 m
Height under Gutter: from 4 m up to 6 m
Height at Ridge: from 6 m up to 9,70 m
Ridge Ventilation type: Stationary Vent, Simple Mobile Vent, Butterfly (double) Vent.
Perimeter Ventilation type: Sash hung Vent, Rolling Vent.
Cover: Plastic film and semi-rigid materials.
Multitunnel Greenhouse Constructions are steel structures formed by several bays (tunnels), joined together. Their main advantages are their great capacity for climate control, their great resistance to strong winds and the promptness of their installation since they are prefrabricated structures.
Width of Bay:   9,10 m ; 9,60 m
Side Height: 2 m
Height at Ridge: from 4 m up to 6 m
Ridge Ventilation type: Stationary Vent, Simple Mobile Vent, Butterfly (double) Vent.
Perimeter Ventilation type:Rolling Vent
Cover: Plastic film and semi-rigid materials.
This kind of Greenhouse Construction is built with one single tunnel, with a variable length. The height at the bands gives this Greenhouse great air volume.
Heigth:  2,5 m a 4 m
Cover system: Stationary or Mobile
Types of mesh:Shading y Aluminum.
These are galvanized Steel structures with flat roofs, for creating a microclimate (shading, temperature, disease control) for crops in soft climate zones, where it is possible to have crops without a more complex Greenhouse Construction structure.
Metallic structure Greenhouse Construction, Steel-aluminum. Its main characteristic is its Glass cover. The roof of this Greenhouse Construction is formed by glass panels resting on the aluminum gutters and on a set of transversal aluminum bars.

R + D + I

At NTS we are aware of the importance of developing new products applied to agriculture, has a Research and Development department responsible for the design and calculation of new Greenhouse structures, technological components, new systems to increase performance and efficiency, and development of new parts and accessories.

The department of R+D+i of NTS has an area for testing and demonstrating to test the new prototypes of Greenhouses and new Technological Components.

This Department works and develops projects in conjunction with external entities such as the Polytechnic University of Cartagena and the Technological Centre of the Metal. In addition to conducting research with the collaboration of Spanish public institutions: INFO (Institute for Promotion of the Region of Murcia) and CDTI (Technological and Industrial Development Center).


In NTS we know the importance of counting on Automated systems in the Agroindustrial production.

Therefore, in our projects, we incorporate the Automation solutions that may be required, based on the particular needs of each project, enabling us to offer our customers the right solutions for their size, climate, crop, level of investment.  

Likewise, in NTS we have developed our own Climate Programmer JH-ECO CLIMA, designed to optimize the management of the internal climate of greenhouses. Compact and with a Touchscreen.


In NTS we have developed and trained a group of Professionals to design them according to the particularities of each one, incorporating the best equipment and materials suited to every situation.


NTS we incorporate into our projects, the necessary equipment for each project of our customers, always trying to offer the best options in quality and functionality, as well as analyze the appropriate cost-benefit, according to each particular project.

Thus, we incorporate the brands and models that are appropriate for the project and which we are convinced and confident of their performance.

Plastic film, double plastic layer, polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate, metallic sheet, sandwich panel.


Shading, energetic saving, photoperiod, exterior shading screen.